Panorama Charter Employee Benefits

At Panorama Charter, employees aren’t just delivered jobs but are encouraged to build affluent careers. The company focuses on offering comprehensive compensation and couples it up with a benefits package that befittingly rewards all its employees for their incredible value to the company’s overall success.

About Panorama Charter Employee Benefits

At the company, it is wholeheartedly believed that the employees are the company’s greatest asset. The panorama spectrum takes immense pride in offering its employees some of the best benefits. From offering competitive starting wages to providing significant incentive compensation to annual earning potential based on an employee’s role, you name the use, and the company delivers it.

Panorama Charter Employee Benefits

Below is a list of a wide range of benefits available for the employees working in panorama charter.


At Panorama Spectrum charter, the employees are offered competitive starting wages. There’s also a safe space for employees who work all hourly roles (even the ones who are not eligible for commissions).

1. The starting wage of these employees is at least 20$ per hour.

2. There’s also significant incentive compensation and annual earnings potential solely based on an employee’s contribution to the company.

Various Benefits

Charter Spectrum employee benefits also are coined as perks or fringe benefits. These benefits are provided to employees in addition to their salaries and wages. The Charter spectrum employee benefits packages may include the likes of

  • overtime
  • profit sharing
  • health insurance
  • stock options
  • medical insurance
  • vacations
  • retirement benefits.

The employee benefits cover the indirect pay of one’s workforce.

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Varied Employee Perks

Employees are offered free or discounted Spectrum services depending on their housing location. Employees who reside within the Charter service area can receive

  • residential TV
  • high-speed internet
  • voice services.
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Employees living outside a Charter service area can get the Spectrum TV Essentials package.  Also, the employees subscribed to Spectrum Internet or Spectrum TV Essentials are eligible for mind-boggling discounts on Spectrum Mobiles.

Health Benefits

The health benefits have been tailored to be more affordable to help employees keep the bulk of their paycheck for themselves. The company does everything in its power to absorb the total cost of any increase in medical, dental, and vision coverage.

Savings And Retirement

The company recognizes that the financial well-being of its employees is just as important as their physical and emotional well-being; for every 1$ that an employee deposits in their 401(k), the company pushes forward by putting in 1$ up to 6% of their eligible pay.

To top that up, most employees receive an additional company contribution which may equal up to 3% of their eligible revenue, into a well-crafted Retirement Accumulation Plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can employees who live outside the charter services range still enjoy some benefits?

Employees who live outside of a Charter service area can get the Spectrum TV Essentials package and have access to Spectrum Mobile services.

What are the additional employee benefits?

Additionally, the employees are also made to avail of free or discounted Spectrum services depending on their housing location. Employees who reside in a Charter service area can quickly receive residential TV, high-speed internet and voice services. They are also allowed to have access to Spectrum Mobile.

What is the increase in wages subjected to?

All of the wages are subjected to sales performance. As the sales targets match or exceed, the hourly wage is also made to exceed the 20$ mark per hour. Also, regardless of the roles, all salaried employees are eligible for an incentive plan.


The company has revolved around empowering its employees with employee benefits and training them to have world-class efficiency. Not just that, but the employees are also showered with benefits and given opportunities like no other. 

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